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How To Identify If A Leather Belt Is Made Of Genuine Leather Or Not?

September 02, 2021

How To Identify If A Leather Belt Is Made Of Genuine Leather Or Not?

These days, there is no lack of counterfeits of all types of products in the market, and they are usually so close to the original that one cannot tell the difference at first glance. It is only later when people use it regularly that they realize the difference.

Identify Between A Genuine Leather Belt And A Counterfeit One

Out of all the products, one of the most common materials of which you can find counterfeits is leather. So, it is natural if you have ever wondered if the leather belts you own are genuine or not. There are times when it is simply synthetic leather or even plastic so the next time you decide to buy leather belts for men, you should be more careful. In this blog, we will talk about some tricks you can use to identify between a genuine leather belt and a counterfeit one.

Mention of  “genuine leather”

If the product is labeled to be “manmade material”, there is no doubt that it is synthetic leather so you can ignore that particular product and search for some genuine leather belts for men. In cases when there are no tags or labels on old and vintage stuff, remember that had it been of genuine leather the retailer would have added a new tag immediately.

Check with your nose               

There is hardly any better way to identify real leather from fake ones than to use your senses. Most of us just tend to believe what our eyes see, but what we should do is use our nose as well, which can help us immensely in differentiating genuine leather from counterfeits. Genuine leather tends to have a distinct smell, while fake leather usually smells like plastic. So, take a good old leather belt that you know to be genuine for instance, and compare the smells of that belt with the one that you are unsure of. If they both smell the same, there is no point in hesitating as it is bound to be genuine.

Test it with some drops of water

Another great way to find out the genuineness of the leather belts is with the help of a few drops of water. All you have to do is pour a little drop of water on the belt, if it is genuine leather then the animal skin would absorb the water due to its pores and make the drop disappear almost instantly. On the other hand, if it is fake leather, the water droplet would form a little puddle over the material, proving that it is a fake one. This is one of the most effective ways to differentiate between genuine and fake leather.

Check the wrinkles

Just like the skin of humans, the skin of animals also grows old and gets wrinkles with time. So, if you notice wrinkles on your leather belts, it would be safe to come to the conclusion that the leather is genuine. However, if the surface remains the same on pinching or pressing the belt, you might have a fake leather belt in your hands.

Now that you have these useful tips in your mind, you would be able to buy genuine leather belts for men without having to worry about investing in fake ones.

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