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Article: Four Factors to Take into Account Before Buying a Belt Online

Four Factors to Take into Account Before Buying a Belt Online

Four Factors to Take into Account Before Buying a Belt Online


Belts are a part of most men’s wardrobe. One shouldn’t regard belt as only a functional piece; it’s more than that. Belts serve the potential to be a great style statement or finishing piece to any look.

Common Types of Belts:

Formal Belts

Generally, people pair formal belts with suits and other formal wear. These belts are usually black, brown, or tan and made with leather or suede. The pattern on these belts is subtle. These are finishing touches that bring your whole outfit together.

Casual Belts

Casual belts are about adding style. Casual belts are usually made of leather or woven fabric, offering you different color and design options. With casual belts, you can mix things up and incorporate one with almost any outfit.

Let's take a look at how you should choose a suitable belt for your specific situation

  • Material

Leather belts are classic and exceptional. A good leather belt is the hallmark of quality; thus, every man should own at least one. If you’re looking for one at a reasonable price, consider buying leather belts online.

E leathers and skins along with cotton belts are excellent for a more casual yet refined look. A wide variety of textures and colors are available and can contrast and/or complement the rest of your wardrobe.

  • Length

One of the most essential factors when picking out a belt is understanding what length you want. Belts are generally measured in inches or centimeters.

When you're shopping for belts online, it is better to purchase a size or two larger than your pant size. It will allow for better adjustment. Moreover, you won't end up using the last hole on your belt and have an extra belt sticking out. Make sure to read the fine print on the website to size your belt appropriately.

  • Buckle

For the formal belts, the buckle should be polished and fairly minimalist without any excessive styling. 

For casual belts, you’ll have more buckle options. Most casual belts have a burnished or matte finish to them. However, some belts have a polished buckle, particularly statement belts.

  • Things to Avoid

As you know, there are tons of belts out there today. Cheap material like synthetic leather will not look good. It is better to spend a little extra money to invest in a belt that will last you for years.


Although selecting leather belt online may seem a bit daunting at first, once you know the basic rules, things become less complicated.


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