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Tips For Choosing Cotton Stretch Belts

July 03, 2021

Tips For Choosing Cotton Stretch Belts

Historically, a man’s wardrobe has a black and brown belt for all their dressing needs. However, now men are realizing that belts are more than a tool to hold up their pants. Belts (the right ones, of course) can make a man look dapper and amp up his style. It can bring your entire outfit together and make you exude confidence. That is why if you love playing golf and want a belt that is a reflection of your personality and makes a style statement, you should not hesitate to equip your wardrobe with stylish golf cotton belts.

Types of Belts

There are formal and casual belts. Formal belts are usually made from leather and are considered perfect for suits and formal attire. However, if you are going golfing, you will require casual belts, and that is where cotton belts come into the picture. These belts, as the name suggests, are made from cotton and available in a host of colors to go with your golfing attire. You will find that these golf cotton belts are actually multipurpose. You can wear them with jeans and shorts when you are going out with family and friends.

Choose the Right Color

The good news is that your golf belt does not have to be black or brown. Since these belts are made from fabric, you will find them in a host of colors. It is advisable to pick colors that go well with your outfits. That way, you can have a belt for all the colors in your golf wardrobe. If you love the bold look, you can opt for contrasting colors. At the same time, get a few cotton belts in neutral colors so that you can match all your outfits should the need arise.

The Buckle

You will find belts with a wide variety of buckles. However, cotton belts usually have a tongue buckle as it is easy to click the buckle into place, into the fabric. If you are used to any other buckle type, like a snap buckle or auto-lock buckle, practice cinching the new belt so that you get comfortable using the buckle.

Choose the Right Belt Size

If you intend to buy cotton belts online, you will not be able to try them on to see if the size is right. So, the best way to get the right size is to measure your waist and add a couple of inches to account for the buckle. That will give you the size that you should pick when you are purchasing golf cotton belts online.

Tips to Style Your Cotton Belt

Here are a few hacks that you can use to style your golf belt:

  • Belts divide the torso into two halves and you can control how you look. If you are tall, you can create an illusion of being shorter by wearing brightly colored cotton belts. On the other hand, if you are vertically challenged, match the color of the belt to your T-shirt or trousers. This will conceal the dividing line and make you appear taller than you are.
  • Remember to match the color of your belt to your golf shoes. However, if you are wearing brightly colored shoes, opt for a neutral-colored belt so that you do not look garish.
  • In case you want to wear accessories while playing golf, ensure that they match the buckle. So, if the belt has a stainless steel buckle, you can wear silver accessories. On the other hand, if the buckle is bronze or gold-plated, wear gold accessories.
Use these tips to choose and style golf cotton belts, and make a fashion statement when you are on the golf course showing off your handicap!

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